4 Tips to a Successful School Year

Tips to a Successful School Year

This new year brings new opportunities for resolutions and goal setting. We can take this opportunity to reflect on how well we are working towards success with our children. Here are 4 tips to help your child maximize success this year.

1. Provide Praise

At times it’s easy to focus on the negative. When parents provide praise for their child’s effort, it encourages them to keep on trying, regardless of the outcome. The next time your child brings home a not-so-perfect grade, look for opportunities to still provide praise. Did your child show growth? Did they finish the task and not give up? Providing praise for less than perfect work will motivate your child to still try their best in difficult situations.

2. Allow Mistakes

If a child feels like everything has to be perfect, they become overwhelmed with unfamiliar tasks and may refuse to try. By allowing mistakes, parents allow children to feel confident, even while completing unknown tasks. The next time your child makes a mistake, let them know it’s okay. Allow them to try again, and then provide additional praise for not giving up.

3.  Set High Expectations

Have you heard that if you reach for the moon you will still land among the stars? Setting high expectations allows children to reach levels of success they didn’t know they could accomplish. By setting high expectations, they can also reach new goals and learn to set goals for their future. During this month, set new goals with your child. Talk to them about improving grades, reading more, or staying on task with their assignments. Taking this time to rest expectations will motivate them to try their best this coming semester.

4.  Encourage a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset means that a child can take on challenges and learns from them rather than giving up. Having a growth mindset allows children to work hard during challenging or unknown tasks. Encourage a growth mindset to increase your child’s confidence and critical thinking skills. Try completing a problem solving activity with your child (like a puzzle). These activities can teach your child not give up when things get hard.

Was last year a tough year for school? This year doesn’t have to be. By implementing these four tips, your child can have a successful year. Remember, consistent practice is important when implementing any new skills. Make a commitment to these steps and the results will come!

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